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Eleanor Haspel-Portner, Ph.D. dynamically combines the spiritual and scientific. After receiving her Ph.D. from the University of Chicago in 1971 and doing her Post-Doctoral training at Rush Presbyterian St. Luke’s Hospital in Chicago, Eleanor recognized her talents as psychic intuitive and began integrating spirituality and holistic principles into her work. While remaining well grounded in traditional disciplines, Eleanor synthesizes multiple disciplines using conversational hypnosis, clean language, and other therapeutic and coaching skills, that seamlessly guide clients toward self-awareness and success in reaching their goals. Eleanor is known for her expertise in the field of relationships and parenting as well as a pioneer developer of Noble Sciences’ Sacred Synthesis, a system that goes Beyond Human Design. She is a published author whose books can be found on amazon and ibooks.

Eleanor is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Program Director for Clinical Programs for Impact Coaching Academy, Co-Founder of the Los Angeles Erickson Institute, Founder of Noble Sciences, and Certified in Clean Language and Emergent Knowledge.

Eleanor especially likes to work with individuals, couples, and families blending therapy and coaching to facilitate clients reaching their goals and feeling fulfilled in their life. She tailors her approach to each client and calls on skills that will best aid that person.

Her approach is always aimed at tapping into the core values and needs of the client and in validating their higher self and knowing. Among the tools she uses are:

Clean Language and Emergent Knowledge – this tool allows for short circuiting stuck emotions and traumas without going back into the content of situations that are emotionally disturbing. It uses metaphors and imagery based in the words and images the client presents transform emotions into new pathways of change.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy – Based in Choice theory and the belief that individuals can change their life pattern by making new choices and talking to themselves in new ways, Eleanor uses this tool when appropriate.

Coaching – at the core of the coaching model is the belief that each individual is whole and resourceful and knows best how to achieve life satisfaction and health. Work in the coaching modality is goal oriented working with the client on their goals and remaining accountable to achieve them.

Jungian Analytical tools – in depth work with dreams and active imagination dialogues take clients into the depth of their own psyche in ways that bring unconscious material into focus. When appropriate for a client Eleanor uses Jungian analytic tools to deepen an individual’s awareness of their unconscious dynamics.

Parent Effectiveness Principles and Training – Eleanor is a qualified to teach Parent Effectiveness Training, one of the most effective tools for teaching clients how to listen to other people and to know which skill to use for getting the results they desire.

Reiki Healing – Reiki is a powerful healing modality that has been increasingly recognized as a valid and useful tool in body/mind/spirit healing work. As one of the earliest authorized Reiki Master/Teachers in the West, Eleanor uses Reiki as a given with all her clients and often initiates them into this healing modality so they can work on themselves.

Relationships-Eleanor specializes in relationship work. She was trained as a sex therapist early in her career and continues to use the tools she learned then to facilitate soulful healthy relationships in the couples she works with. She is also a trained certified Collaborative Divorce Mental Health Coach and in that capacity she helps couples who are ending their relationship work together to the benefit of both.

Astrological Analysis – a trained astrologer who developed her own multidimensional personality system that synthesizes the tree of life, astrology, chakras, the I-Ching, Human Design, and developmental psychology, Eleanor uses her insights from this modality in short-circuiting her clients process and uses it further to build their self-esteem and confidence in their own knowing.

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